Performing "Skin" at The Moth

This is a bit of a #latergram, but I did it! On March 17th, I performed "Skin" at The Moth in Los Angeles.

It was probably the most nerve-racking setup for a first timer possible. Speakers are chosen at random out of a hat — whoever goes first then chooses the next one as they exit the stage, all the way down the line for 10 speakers. I was hoping to go first, or as early as possible, just to get it over with. After the 6th speaker, I had completely lost the will to do it — at this point, I was just hoping not to get picked. By the 9th speaker, I felt like I was in the clear.

Then, of course, for the final spot, my name gets pulled.

Going on stage and performing actually felt really good and the story did pretty well with the crowd. Though I didn't win, I scored pretty high marks with the judges and didn't shit myself on stage, which was a bonus. 

Overall, a fantastic experience. I highly recommend it, and look forward to trying it again myself.

Yours truly sporting a Canadian tuxedo on stage at The Moth.

Host Brian Finkelstein in front of a packed house.

William Tran